Association 14 – 8 – 1877

The Association Wiessing – Van den Eeckhout or 14.8.1877
The Association Wiessing van den Eeckhout started in the year 1982 with the aim to strengthen the contact between the descendants of the couple Mathilde Coleta Francisca van den Eeckhout (1850-1925) and Martinus Jacob Wiessing (1851-1918). The couple married on the 14th of August in the year 1877.

Annual Meeting
Once a year, mostly in the end of September, members of the Association meet for the Sunday or for the whole weekend. Non-members, but descendants, and hence all family (!) and partners of descendants and those who are interested in the family are heartily welcome to participate in the Sunday activities and make acquaintance with the other family members, and meet and mix with them.

The Association has a board that exists of three members: the chairman, the treasurer and the secretary. Each member of the board is elected for three years only. The succession has been arranged as follows that every year one member retires and is followed in his/her function by a successor.

New-Year’s drop
In the first week of the new year the Association makes an appointment to meet in the house of one of the members to make a joint start of the New Year where we can wish each other a happy New Year!

In the year 2007 we celebrated the 25th birthday of our Association. We gathered with almost all of the members of the Wiessing – Van den Eeckhout family in the weekend that it was 130 years ago that our ancestors got married.